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Spanakopita - Greek Mama Project

Recipe: Spanakopita
By: Theologos

There are 1001 different types of pites but spanakopita is in my top 5.  Love, love, love it!
Whilst in Greece last year one of dad's best mates, who makes a mean wood fired roast goat and potatoes dish whipped up this little masterpiece! Of course I had to get the recipe and share with all who follow me on Facebook.  The difference in this spanakopita from all others I have had is the addition of the chilli.  It gives it a nice little kick!

3 tbs oil for filling
1 large bunch spinach, cleaned and chopped
2 leeks washed and chopped (use both white and green parts)
1 bunches spring onion chopped
1/2 bunch dill chopped
1/2 bunch mint chopped
2 eggs
400g feta
salt pepper
2 small green hot chilies finely chopped
1 cup sunflower oil for basting pastry
filo recipe
large baking tray.  For this filling this morning I used 2 

In a large saucepan sauté the leeks until translucent.  Add the chilli, chopped spinach and allow that to wilt before adding the spring onions, dill and mint.  Allow to cool, drain most of the liquid add the feta and eggs.  Mix well and add salt and pepper to your taste.

Roll out the pastry.  See link above for recipe.  Baste your baking tray with sunflower oil, lay out the first sheet of pastry, baste with oil, add the second sheet of pastry, baste with oil, add the third.  Add some of the mixture in a thin layer add another sheet of pastry and add another thin layer of mixture. Add the final layers of pastry ensuring you baste with sunflower oil in between and on top.  Sprinkle some water on top and bake for about 50 -60 minutes until golden at 180º.

1. If you don't make your own filo, use puff pastry.  Make sure to roll it out to make it a bit thinner.  Use 2-3 layers on bottom (depending on how thin you have rolled it) add one in the middle and 2 on the top. 

At Theologos' farm in Alexandroupolis.  Here is Evangeline with Greek crush Angelo

Fun playing with the sheep

Feeding time at the zoo!

Enjoying home made spanakopita and figs

And now our turn to try out the recipe. I just bought a pack of 30 x 20 tin foil trays.  The above ingredients where enough for two.  I have frozen them for Easter.  Let the Easter baking begin. 

Ready for rolling

Mixture nearly ready
First filo rolled out

Finished. ready for baking or freezing to bake at a later date

My little chef always in the kitchen!

Carol xxxxx

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