Friday, 9 December 2011


It's official....I LOVE summer.  Greek salad with tomatoes at their very best, fishing with dad for snapper, flatties (you can always rely on the flathead when the snapper aren't biting!), calamari and of course loads of eggplant dishes... Now you obviously can eat all these products all year round but nothing beats the taste of freshly picked organic veggies from the "bakse" garden.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Slowly But Surely!!!

Hi....hopefully one day I will get a few people reading my posts...but primarily this is for my beautiful daughter, who I now watch sleeping on her play gym on a rainy spring day in Melbourne.  I love all things food.  From Greek cuisine to Vietnamese to now experimenting with our own under-utilised "bush tucker" spices.  This  blog however will be a collection of all my family favourites which have been passed on from my grandfather who was an esteemed cook in Alexandroupoli, to my mum who has worked in the food industry and to me and now to my little bubalina who is only interested in breast milk at the moment.