Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Stuffed Koulouri Thessalonikis

It's been a while between recipe posts...A lot of life changing things have happened since the end of 2016 and I'm just now getting my mojo back...But that is for another post....

Counting down the weeks till I go to Greece so I have Greek food on my mind..  I have been following a fantastic Greek deli called Ergon on instagram who are located in Athens, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, a few of the Greek Islands, London, Brussels, Miami and Singapore...  They have my favourite brunch item on their menu which they serve with this little Greek beauty..It was one of the very first recipes I posted cilbir.   A nod to my Greek Asia Minor roots.  The gang at Ergon make this served in a koulouri...Simply GENIUS!!!!  I saw the photo and I knew that I was going to Thessaloniki just to try their version..  I'll keep you posted on that foodie adventure.

This street food snack is a must and so easy to make....  I decided to stuff mine...just to be different!! I made 2 batches, one with my homemade marinated feta and olives and the other with ham, cheese and capsicum.

Perfect for school lunchbox...

Recipe (yields 8)
500 gr flour
300-350 ml tepid water
8 gr yeast
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
3 tbs olive oil
1-2 cups sesame seeds
2 cups water mixed with 3 tbs of grape molasses or honey)

Stuffing 1
Feta cheese, olives - Break feta with a fork and mix with chopped olives

Stuffing 2
Chopped ham, grated cheese, chopped capsicum, oregano

1. Mix a bit of the tepid water with the yeast and sugar and leave aside.  In a large bowl mix flour, salt, oil, water and yeast mixture.  Knead for about 5 minutes until smooth.  Cover and leave aside for about 1 hour or until doubled in size.

2. Divide dough into 8 balls.

3. Roll out into elongated wide strip.

4. Add about 1 tbs of filling and carefully roll dough into a sausage shape.

5. Shape into ring

6. Dip into water and molasses mixture

7. Dip into sesame seeds

8. Place on pizza stone in a 200 degree oven and bake for 20 minutes

Enjoy and Kali Orexi...

Kalliroy aka Carol

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