Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Foodie goodness on the road to Imvros ......

Delicious kourabiethes in Imvros

First stop, a little coastal village...stop for a smoko and drink

Turkish coffee and loukum (turkish delight)

and of course hot bbq'd corn

Upon arrival in Imvros we came across this little seafood tavern

...vegetarian mezze

and barbounia (red mullet)

Eleni tavern

love the decor!

Birthday dinner for Pater Nicholas with  Kate and Thio Niko, Toula, Christo and dad

Loved this foodie shop

Lots of cheeses, soutzouk, honey, olive oil, spices

honey comb

and olives...

in another shop I found this HUGE mortar and pestle

my little poser!

can't go wrong with lamb!

What a legend Kate is..simple but fantastic meal of pasta, dried ricotta, fried tomato and egg..will definitely upload recipe!

The legend herself with Miss E.

YUM....cheese halva

Story behind this cute little cafe...Stenada

home made lemonade and apple cake..can't go wrong

view from my table.

WHAT...a photo of me????

Lemon balm being dried for tea...in Greek it is know as Melissa

I thought these where cute!

view from the cafe...one of the many refurbished homes

The owners of the cafe

On the way through Gallipoli we came across this gem

What a find!!! Good on you Toula!

Love the set up

These amazing women make all the yufka pastry

can't go wrong with a few melons

Gigantic pots used for casseroles....No gas required here just fire wood and pits!

This is where they used to knead bread or pastry

Lunch is served!


We ordered 4 types of gozleme. Potato, feta, kaseri and meat 

I love how everyone, and I mean everyone who Christos came across has now a Santa Rosa business card! Here it is amongst business cards of ex Victorian premiers, church representatives and military leaders.. All who stopped here whilst visiting Lone Pine in Gallipoli.

Until my next post

Carol xxxx 

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