Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wine Feast Day at Red Hill Greek Orthodox Church

It was a great day for Festivals today..From the St Kilda festival which was attended by 400,000 people to the annual Wine Feast Day at the Greek church at Red Hill.

I'm ashamed to say that I had never heard of this Greek festival.  Next year I am definitely organising a huge group of friends, Greek, Anglo, Italian and even Swedish to go and enjoy.  After Pater Lefteri finished his liturgy, he blessed the grapes which were then handed out to all the parishioners and the fun began….

First stop…a bag of loukoumathes for the girls and a V.B. for Lee

grapes about to be blessed and handed out to parishioners 

Monument to all Greek migrants

My little poser

Picnic goers beginning to set up in the background

Anyone for loukoumathes?

This little munchkin didn't say no.

Bottle of red for moi...

The family xx

The Greek dancing begins..dances from all over Greece…even my beloved Thraki.  They were AMAZING!!

A bit of Greek dancing from my little one

All the kids gathering for the stomping of the grapes

Pater Lefteri in his element!

How can I not go again after the look of pure joy on Evangeline's face?

A must go event for everyone next February

Carol xxxx

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