Friday, 12 December 2014

Country town farmers markets and Shirley …..

Well what an emotional 2 weeks we have had.  Before letting you into a little secret and probably one of the cutest markets I have been to I have to share this.

Shirley and Evangeline's first meeting!

What a stunner…All her grandkids and great grand kids have been blessed with her stunner genes!

Lee's mum Shirley sadly passed away last Sunday morning. She was a beautiful lady who opened her heart to everyone.  Shirley was the type who liked to discuss her ailments, a bit like my mum and even Evangeline…This time it was serious and it was a shock to all.  Shirley had her family around her in her final hours and Eddie sat next to her bed all night holding her hand until her final breath.

We had her send off yesterday and what a turn out she had.  I could just picture her saying " I can't believe so and so is here, that's nice"…We all cried because we will miss her but we cried mostly for Eddie, her husband, who for 60 odd years of going out and marriage had been her rock and she his.

As usual when Evangeline and I arrived in Wonthaggi, Eddie greeted us with a huge smile and looked ever so strong.  At the church service he was the same.. then came time to lower her in the ground at the cemetery. Eddie let out a sob that encompassed all his feelings. In that split second sob we all could see how much he loved this woman and how much he will miss her.  They were so lucky and blessed to have found each other.  They were content and extremely happy living a simple life.  If I could be half as happy with their youngest son I will be a very blessed woman.

After a long and emotional night at the hospital last Saturday our friend and host Kerryn asked if I would like to go to the Kongwak Market the next morning.  We had been talking about it for ages, we all needed some cheering up so off we went.  Evangeline stayed behind with her dad and new found friend Lucy who will forever be now known as Lisa.

It's a small market.  With local farmers selling their goodies.  Lots of fresh fruit and veggies, cakes, plants, bric a brac, antiques etc. but the best part was the shed.  Again lots of second hand gems, chairs and tables between the coffee stall in one corner and a malay kitchen in the other.  I was too gobsmacked and completely forgot to take photos of it.  I will visit again just to eat everything from the small menu.  I had the curry puffs which were amazing..Alex had the dhal and Kerryn bought a bag of curry puffs and chicken fried rice.   Looking around there where plates of steaming noodle dishes everywhere.  It was like a hawker kitchen had arrived at the top of the Magic Faraway Tree…An out of place magical land but so very welcome.

The beetroot had my name on them…Roast beetroot salad!

Love the packaging

Alex's favourite…dhal

Best curry puffs ever!

Just had to buy this little treasure

Picture worthy set up

Off to the antique shop

Mmm….Kerryn is that a ferret around your neck? 

Love that hill!!

The local government is pissed off because they aren't reaping the rewards of this gem of a market so they are booking cars left right and centre…what is wrong with the world???

If ever down that part of the world or just want to go for a drive and have the best lunch ever,  head down to Kongwak Market and when driving through Wonthaggi look to the heavens and say hi to Shirley. She'll love it!

Have a good one and be grateful for the little things and people in your life

Carol xxxxx

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