Saturday, 6 September 2014

Spring Gardening

Spring has finally arrived in Melbourne..Gorgeous sunny days perfect for a little gardening.  Now I DON'T have a green thumb and living in Prahran with literally a concrete backyard doesn't help.  But I will persevere.  Last year we planted tomatoes, zucchini, basil, mint and other herbs.  We got a few tomatoes, one zucchini, which was delicious and loads of herbs.

vegetable bed from Aldi
This year I am all prepared!  I have bought my little greenhouse from Bunnings as well as seedling trays and vegetable growing bags especially designed for kids & seed potting mix. The other week Aldi had a gardening sale so I bought a vegetable garden bed as well as plastic box green houses and more potting mix.

My mum has even trusted me to sow her heirloom tomato seeds.  A bit scared of that one!

Evangeline and I have so far sown:

Santorini tomatoes, capsicum, Greek Tsakonikes eggplants, lettuce, spring onion, silverbeet, radish, corn, beans, zucchini, beetroot and a herb planter with dill, parsley and basil and rocket.

So here are the before shots….after shots in January…fingers crossed!!

Emily and Evangeline setting up bags to sow the corn and beans

Finished product…now for the seeds to grow

Our little green house which has most of our vegetable seeds.

Exciting…some of the seeds are sprouting

Time to water the bought beefsteak tomato and globe zucchini seedlings

Sunflower time!

Carefully adding the seed potting mix to  wagon wheel plastic tray

sunflower seeds just went in!

I call this my spanakopita pot…silver beet, dill and spring onions

The little bit of greenery in our concrete backyard..So grateful that it is a lemon tree!

Before shot…by January this should green and full of vegetables!

Wish us luck!!!

Carol & Evangeline xxxx

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