Friday, 22 August 2014

Greek Village sausages - Thracian style - Greek Mama Project!

Recipe: Loukanika me portokali
By: Koula Takouridis, Melbourne, Dromana, Alexandroupolis

It's winter in Melbourne, so naturally it's sausage making season.  Several weeks ago I was invited to my friend Maria's house to watch the boys make Italian sausages and salami.  That experience brought back memories of our sausage making days so I asked mum to show me how she makes the "loukanika" I grew up with.  The orange skin spiked ones.  Yummo.

Unlike the delicious Italian ones which are flavoured with fennel, salt and pepper and are 100% pork the Greek ones from my parents region of Thrace are a combination of pork, beef, orange peel, wine and spices.  Traditionally they are left to hang for several days before being grilled. If you leave them for a couple of weeks you can slice them up like salami and eat them raw.  Delicious!  Due to lack of outdoor space in my home we decided to eat what we could and freeze the rest. So armed with my iPhone for photos, smoked paprika, bottle of Shiraz and Evangeline I drove to mum and dad's house in Mentone to make these little beauties!

Recipe for 5 kilos of sausages

30% pork fat to 70% coarsely ground meat (70% pork 30% beef)
5 tbs salt
2 cups red wine ( we used shiraz)
1tbs coarsely ground pepper
200g paprika ( in this mixture we used about 50g smoked paprika)
1tbs garlic powder (we also used freshly crushed garlic as well)
rind of 6 oranges finely chopped
pork intestines

Once you have rinsed the intestines in water you leave them in a bowl of lemon to the side.

Mix all the ingredients above.  Cook a bit to taste and adjust accordingly.  Next step is to fill the casings.

Fat chopping starts.

Looks like a lot of fat?..That's just for the chunks of fat in the sausage.  The remaining fat is being ground.

The best part of the sausage.  The orange peel just gives these sausages that extra something that makes them SO special.

Mincing time!

The salt component preserves these sausages. 1 tbs per kilo used equates to about 12 g.  If these were to be hung, recipes call for between 20g - 28g salt per kilo.

all the spices have been added, time for the orange peel.

The stuffing has begun!

taste test time…naturally over hot coals.



xxx Carol

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