Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sausages and salami - Italian Mama Project

What a day we had yesterday.  My gorgeous friend Maria aka Wayan (our Balinese names for being first born) graciously invited me to her house to watch the men make sausages and salami.  Every year or so Maria’s family, her sisters and their families get together and make wine, tomato sugo and sausages.  This year the boys have added salami to their repertoire.

It was a perfect Melbourne winters day for the whole experience of making and eating sausages…

The salami and sausages makers..
Daniel, Jo, Fab and John.

I can’t say I wrote down a recipe as such.. but the vital information was recorded for the sausage making.

*Free range pork was used
* Shoulder was used for sausages and salami
* 28g to the kilo salt
*6g to the kilo pepper
*10g to the kilo chili (for the hot ones)
*20% fat mixed in with the meat
* Must read book – Preserving the Italian Way by Pietro DeMaio and google for information

Wayan, her beautiful sisters Paula and Sonia and I where the official photographers, spanakopita & lemon tart makers and last but not least wine drinkers.

So below in pictures check out how it's all done!!  

Fab and Daniel going over their homework and working out measurements..Imperative that this step is taken with a glass of wine in hand!
The fun begins.

Intestines prepared for the sausages

Lucky Jo got that job!

3 different flavours - fennel, plain and Daniel's favourite chilli!

A jar of red pepper sauce added in the salami for taste and colour


Lots of jokes at this stage of the making!

Can't wait for the taste testing!

The new generation….spunky Giunluca cooking the sample sausages!


Now to salami making

The paparazzi went nuts taking photos like this…I think these boys are experts at salami handling!

Important part of the salami process..pricking the skins to ensure there are no air bubbles.  

Paula adds her magic touch!

Feeding time at the zoo...

Drink time throughout the day watching the men hard at work!

My beautiful friend Maria making the BEST lemon tart I have ever eaten!

Back to the salamis..Joe off the cellar to hang them.

Now the nerve racking process begins. Temperature conditions must be spot on or the salami is destroyed. They will be ready in about 6 weeks!

Dinner time!

Maria's famous lasagne, sausages, salad, spanakopita, wine and…….

…to finish the night off, this piece of lemon tart perfection!

Thank you SO much for a wonderful day…I love you guys and forever grateful you are in my life!

xxxxx Carol

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