Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tomato Sugo - Italian Mama Project

Recipe: Tomato sugo
By: Maria Z. aka Wayan

My latest instalment of my Greek Mama Project will be renamed Italian Mama Project for this entry…As our “paisans” say “ Una fazza una razza”…..

My dearest friend Maria is also the closest link for my Evangeline to experience some of her Italian heritage.  Lee’s grandfather Augustino died when Lee’s dad was very young.  He married an English woman therefore the traditions where not passed on.  The only thing I see that reminds me of my culture is when Lee’s dad dips his bread in the salad dressing.
Augustino Pellizzer

Like all recipes everyone has different methods of preparing sauce.
Today’s recipe has been passed on to Maria by her mother in law.  A gorgeous woman approaching 90 years of age who still to this day carries on these traditions. 

We used the last of Maria and Joe’s tomatoes, so we only made about 4 bottles.  Usually when the sauce is made dozens and dozens of bottles are made, enough to last for a year.  I wasn’t there that particular day.  Maria and her gorgeous sister Paula bought a super duper processing machine from Italy, specifically for the purpose of making tomato sugo.  So what used to take a whole day now takes a couple of hours.  Not to worry, next year!  The tomatoes Maria uses come from a seed that was brought to Australia about 40 years ago from Italy by her inlaws.  Now if that is not “heirloom” I don’t know what is. 

Maria promised to let me know when she was doing this last batch so I can take photos and share this recipe.  It was a perfect way to spend my birthday. With my best friend doing what we love best and having our kids play together. 


We didn't weigh any ingredients so the measurements are approx.

5 kilos tomatoes (roma)
1 large onion finely chopped
4-5 cloves garlic chopped
olive oil
bottles lids

 Fill a basin with water and tomatoes and clean well.

Remove the  top core off the tomato and any other blemishes.

Cut in pieces. 
Pass through machine.  We passed the skins through again.

In one saucepan add the processed tomato and put on medium heat.

Finely chop onions and garlic

Saute until translucent
NOTE: At this stage you can add any other ingredients you wish to flavour the sauce.  
Mix together with processed tomato  and season.
Cook for 2 hours. (as we didn’t make a huge amount we only cooked for about 1 ½ hours)

Whilst the tomato sugo is hot add to the bottles

Close very tightly

…and voila!!!!

Wrap in towels to insulate and to ensure the heat does not crack the glass.

These can be stored in a cool dark place for years!!

Fantastic veggie patch.  Joe built this to protect fruit and veggies from birds, possums etc

I would LOVE to have a backyard like this!!!

Lewis and Evangeline xxx

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