Friday, 17 January 2014

Sardines 2 ways - charcoal and fried!

Sardines cooked on charcoal…in my opinion the best way to eat them.

Nothing is more Greek in summer than freshly caught fish on the bbq or fried with a fresh horiatiki (what we know as Greek salad) with produce only from the garden and ouzo or tsipouro.  During my holiday in Greece this year we indulged in these little beauties at least once a week.

They are not only wonderful eating but very healthy.

Seafood lunch..fried sardines, greek salad, stewed calamari, beetroot salad with skordalia and bakaliaro

Angelo enjoying some raw onion..No fast food lover here!

Evangeline getting into her first sardines...

mmmmm… thinks she like them!!!

Give me more pappou!!!

Sardines…the fried variety

Sardeles sta karvouna (sardines cooked on coals)

sardines, scaled, gutted and left whole

Olive oil 

Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper 

Lemon wedges
fresh vine leaves (optional)

Wash the sardines well and pat dry. 

Brush them with olive oil, season and grill quickly over charcoals on the barbeque for about 3-4 minutes on either side. They should be cooked through and the skin will be slightly charred.
Alternatively :
- wrap each seasoned sardine with a vine leaf before cooking
- wrap larger fish like red mullet with fig leaf before cooking

Sardeles Tiganites (Fried Sardines)

sardines, scaled, gutted and left whole or without the head (your choice)
flour for dusting
oil for frying

Mix oregano and salt with your flour…(not too much oregano and salt to your liking)
Dust the sardines with the flour and fry in a hot pan with oil until golden.  Serve with lemon wedges..



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