Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dolmathes gialantzi (dolmathes with rice)


Evangeline and I were in Dromana the last few days and along with the bag of homegrown zucchini, lemons, mint, peaches and cherry tomatoes I collected young vine leaves..  I haven't eaten dolmathes since I made them back in July while I was in Greece.  Here is the recipe and some photos from my dolmatha making day.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Sardines 2 ways - charcoal and fried!

Sardines cooked on charcoal…in my opinion the best way to eat them.

Nothing is more Greek in summer than freshly caught fish on the bbq or fried with a fresh horiatiki (what we know as Greek salad) with produce only from the garden and ouzo or tsipouro.  During my holiday in Greece this year we indulged in these little beauties at least once a week.

They are not only wonderful eating but very healthy.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Flinders Mussel Giouvetsi

We have strange weather here in Melbourne..It can be 30º one day and 18º the next.  Today it's a mental 43º ….CRAZY…A couple of Sundays ago was one of these days but the weather changed within a matter of seconds…Very scary as one second I was watching my little one jumping on the trampoline whilst I was on the elevated verandah and the next I was close to literally losing her.  It must have been a mini cyclone as I watched the verandah roof fly off above me an head towards the trampoline.  Panic stations kicked in when I realised she wasn't on there but on the boat which was it's next target.  It slammed against the boat then some how the wind picked it up and aimed it right at my mum and baby.  Then something incredible happened.  It flew over their heads, over the fence and down the street.  This thing was nailed and bolted down so you can just imagine the force of it.  Well if I didn't believe in guardian angels in the past I sure do now..

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Baked mullet with summer vegetables

I love fishing, especially when I catch a few fish.  In the bay if you can't catch a snapper, flathead are always a given… Catching mullet though is a special treat.  These little beauties are usually overlooked but they are fantastic eating and full of Omega 3.