Thursday, 18 July 2013

Greece 2013!!!!

 We are finally here….After our ordeal with Mr and Mrs Bogan on our trip to Bali I was freaking out!  As we were saying goodbye to Lee, I told him that I was so stressed I knew that the whole ordeal of a 30 hour trip was going to be worse than childbirth…It wasn’t as bad as I thought.  Even though my brother Steve wasn’t sitting with us, due to his 6ft 6 inch frame,  it was a godsend to have him there.

I was an awful mum and gave Evangeline Vallergan to sedate her.  Yeah right!! We boarded at 10.30pm and she didn’t fall asleep until 1am…She’s not a winger but she is very active and keeping her still was a bit of a nightmare…The elderly lady behind us kept her calm every time it looked like she was about to cry.  She was gorgeous...

One of Evangeline’s nicknames from birth was Hoodini….We would wrap her tightly and within minutes her little arms would be out…The first time in her cot I woke up and found her on the other side of the cot sideways…She is very much the squirmer!  On the plane she slept on me for a couple of hours, then made herself comfortable on her chair then slept for a further 5 hours on the floor….

Here she is on the floor

...and on the seat

Time for breaky!!

stop over at Doha, hanging out with Uncle Steve...on the iPad...

The stop over in Doha was short…Thank God!! Then off to Athens we went dreading the 9 hour transit that awaited us.  We arrived an hour early, which meant that we could have booked the 3pm flight to Alexandroupolis….The only flights available where 160 euro each so we booked a room at the Sofitel till 7pm.   That was fantastic...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sofitel beds!!!!! Evangeline had a great time.  She settled herself on the window ledge and played peek –a- boo with Steve…

Evangeline fell asleep as soon as we got to the airport at around 7pm….Our 9pm flight was delayed by ½ hour and we finally got to Alexandroupolis at 10.30pm… Evangeline didn’t wake up until we got off the plane…and no I didn’t drug her!!!

 First sighting of Greece.  Part of the coastline of Crete..

 On the window ledge of our Sofitel room overlooking the airport...
 Asleep at Athens airport waiting for our flight to Alexandroupoli..
Just woke up and alreay picking tomatoes!!!

Recipes to come.....from tomorrow!!!!!!

xxxxx Carol

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