Saturday, 23 February 2013


Scallops with asian flavours

I love Greek food and tend to post greek food on this blog when I get round to it...However one of my favourite cuisines is anything Asian!!!!   So from now on I think I'll post everything...So I might have to change the blog name to This Greek's Food Odyssey.....but I digress...

Good friends of ours have a great old boat and fabulous holiday house in Sorrento.  (their parents do, to me more precise!)  Every summer they take their boat out to a secret location to harvest scallops!!!  Last weekend they come over for a bbq and brought over their catch... Luckily they were kind enough to clean them for me....

They were absolutely delicious....and so quick to cook....I set my work station on the bbq wok burner and of I went...made to order...(Tim doesn't like garlic hence all the finely chopped ingredients were separate)

1. sauce - light soy sauce, touch of sesame oil, oyster sauce
2. garlic
3. corriander
4. chilli
5. spring onion
6. ginger

I placed the scallops on a very hot bbq in their shell added a pinch of each ingredient and 1 teaspoon of sauce. Closed the bbq lid for a minute, a squeeze of lemon and VOILA!!!

Washed them down with champagne and there was dinner done for the seafood eaters.....

Non seafood eaters got home made pesto pasta......Yipee more scallops for me!!!


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