Tuesday, 14 February 2012


All I can say is OMG! ...... About a month ago I received a phone call inviting me to do a Greek food presentation at the 2012 Antipodes Greek Festival in Londsdale Street.  HUGE honour! The lovely Victoria, who is one of the organisers briefly told me about a new Greek yoghurt that is about to hit the Australian market and I believe is one of the sponsors..To be honest I thought...not another try hard TOTAL!  We all know and love that yoghurt in Greece!

About an hour ago the doorbell rang and I received a box full of yoghurt.. I saw the 0% on the plain tub and was to say the least disappointed..Every low fat greek style yoghurt I have tasted just doesn't seem to taste quite right!  However, I thought, the least I could do was to taste it!  It is AMAZING...and no this is NOT a paid advertisement.  It is really thick, all natural ingredients, each tub is about 170g and only 100 calories and more importantly  tastes like FULL FAT GREEK YOGHURT...

After that I had to taste the 2% passionfruit greek yoghurt. Again really thick with a layer of passionfruit at the bottom... My baby is at the age (6 months) where she loves watching us eat... I couldn't help myself, I had to let her taste some... The pictures say it all!!!!
So if you see this greek yoghurt make sure you try it!
xxxx Carol

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  1. Hi Carol, so happy you enjoyed the CHO!! We are so looking forward to working with you at the Chobani Greek Kitchen. Love the photos, so sweet!!! cheers, alan @ Chobani